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Spoilers I might not have written yet.   Spoilers I have already written.   You guess what story they are from......(Five are from Bed of Roses, Ten are from Expectations.)

I will not explain anything. lol

1.  Two children will soon make an appearance…and maybe more.

2.  Two familiar characters will climb a tree.

3.  Grooms will offer a dowry of cows for one Starfleet officer.

4.  Something will be stolen…and it’s not a heart.

5.  Flowers will be torn to pieces.

6.   The real name of something valuable will shock the intelligent.

7.   Cavemen have all the fun.

8.  Protégé, Friend, and Mate

9.  All You Need is Love

10.  An old friend will be in desperate need of help.

11.  Shocking sex will take place.

12.  Laughable *would be* sex will not take a place.

13.  SungMin will make Junsu an offer.

14.  Three boys will sacrifice themselves for the sake of true love.

15.  Jaejoong isn't the only full-blooded Joong interested in the captain.

Note:  Amy delete this if I have given too much away.

Delete this, I meant LOOK forward too.

What story do you forward to the most?

Bed of Roses

Neither Friend, Nor Foe (Prologue)

Neither Friend, Nor Foe

Once upon a time she had smiled every day.

As a young innocent girl she had been able to find joy in almost everything, and she spread her joy with the power of her smile.  She had lived a pampered life, full of understanding, full of love, and full of kindness.   Like all children who are cherished deeply, she knew very little of fear.

Her parents were peacemakers, and they stressed the importance of understanding to their beloved daughter.   She grew up admiring her parents, and with a fervent desire to continue their work.  To work for a more peaceful universe, and to share her smile with all she encountered.

But that world was lost to her.

As the much older man frantically thrust into her, nearing his climax, she tried to remember the last time she had smiled.   Had it been as long as a year ago? 

The man’s breathing increased, wheezing into her ear, and he stiffened as he expelled his seed into her much used body.  The man then collapsed against her, pushing her into the large, round hay bale she had been leaning against.

“Sorry,” he said after a few minutes, pulling out of her and trying to find the strength in his legs to stand.  “I really…thank you.”

She turned around, straightened her dress and looked at the man, and thought that if she did still smile, she might have smiled for him.  “You will keep your promise?”

“Yes, Miss Sulli…yes, I will see he gets a good proper grave.  I won’t toss him in the river,” the groundskeeper assured her.

Tears filled her eyes as she thought of the body lying on the river’s bank.  “He was from my world…my far, far, far away world,” she said softly, suddenly feeling the need to explain.

“He never said anything…he was too injured, but I bet he was mighty nice,” the groundskeeper said as he pulled up his pants.

Sulli wiped her eyes and sniffled.  “He was very smart…my cousin…she was always talking about how smart he was.”

“You can visit his grave; nobody will ever know…it will be our secret,” the groundskeeper assured the distraught woman…child.

“Yes, I can visit his grave…the last piece of my world,” Sulli said, closing her eyes. 

The groundskeeper looked nervously up at the mansion in the distance.  “Miss Sulli, shouldn’t you be going?  I will bury him tomorrow morning…I promise.  I keep my word.  A deal is a deal.”

She nodded her head and opened her eyes.  “Yes, I need to clean up before the master calls for me tonight,” she told him, and started limping away.

The groundskeeper watched as the beautiful girl dragged her dead leg behind her, and he felt a deep sympathy for her.  “Miss Sulli in your world…there wasn’t people like the master was there?”

“No,” she told him without turning around.   “In my world the…the good people were strong, and a man like our master could never have existed there.”

PS:  This is Adventure Seven of the Expectations series. I am not sure when I will post it, but this is glance of what is to come. It's my favorite adventure yet(warning hahaha). I had the urge to post this......when I should be getting ready for work.

The Expectations Crew Roster

The Expectations Crew Roster

Captain Jung Yunho

Commander Cho Kyuhyun is second in command.

Chief Medical Officer Kim Ryeowook has the authority to relieve the Captain and any officer/member of the crew of duty if he finds them medically unfit.

Commander Park Yoochun is third in command and also the Chief Engineer.

Lieutenant Yesung is the highest ranking Lieutenant and fourth in line to command. Lieutenant Yesung commands the ships off hours.

Lieutenant Lee Sungmin is the fifth highest ranking officer and he is also the Chief Security Officer.

Lieutenant Jung Changmin is the sixth highest ranking officer and also the Chief Science Officer.

Lieutenant Lee Donghae is the seventh highest ranking officer and he is also the Transporter Chief.

Ensign Junsu is the Helmsman.

Ensign Eunhyuk is the Navigator.

Ensign Kangin works in security under Lieutenant Sungmin.

Ensign Henry works in Engineering under Commander Yoochun.

Ensign Choi Minho works in the Science Department under Lieutenant Changmin.

Nurse Kim Heechul who was actually the real Chief Medical Officer before the accident left him mentally impaired answers to Dr. Kim Ryeowook(when he wants too).

Non Crew Members  (The are not members of Star Fleet)

Jaejoong the captain’s mate a powerful telepath will be assigned the position of ship’s counselor. The position of counselor is mostly an honorary position to get him assigned to missions where his telepathic abilities frequently save the day.

Shindong will be the ships consultant.

Prince Siwon will be assigned various positions.

Retired Crew Members

Leeteuk who was a real commander before the accident left him mentally impaired has no position on the ship at this time, since his main concern is to be free of clothing.

Chapter 48 Ending...

...asdfghjkl. What just happened?!

/has a crazy conspiracy theory

Was the last part Jaejoong dreaming? Since.... I mean, how did Changmin know all the quotes to tell Jae? Like, echoing Lee Sooman's words and stuff. Knowing Jaejoong's Yunho's dream!heaven.... Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but I seriously don't remember Jaejoong telling Changmin any of those specifics. D: (Of course, I might have missed it in my effort to not!speedread.)

Regarding Changmin's Love Life

I like people to draw their own conclusions, but I have gotten so many questions about this I am going to just make a post of different quotes from TFAN and DMGD.

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